Let Batgirl wash her cape

Following a complaint from a customer, Target has removed a child’s T-shirt from its stores which featured a “Batgirl to-do-list” that included “Dryclean cape. Wash Batmobile. Fight crime. Save the world.”

The question could be asked whether it is sexist to expect Batgirl to do her own car and cape washing? I don’t personally think so.

And the more important question is why do we remove this TShirt and yet continue to allow TShirts that promote violence against women and objectification of their bodies such as this those currently for sale in shops like City Beach?

Women are frequently objectified and posed as porn stars on TShirts that are marketed and sold to men. These images disrespect and demean women and girls, and make them feel unsafe in public. This should be our main and urgent concern over sexist TShirts.

Let Batgirl wash her cape and her car – the rest of us have to.

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